The U.S. Young Leader Summit 2022

Empowering young leaders today to shape and secure their tomorrow.

The Singapore Young Leader Summit 2021

The last couple of years have brought into sharp focus the challenges we face - social, environmental, economic - and our need more than ever to accelerate change. We have an extraordinary opportunity to reimagine American society and the larger global community.

Our answer is the world's hope: it is our young leaders. The world can benefit from their imagination, deep convictions, and high aspirations.

In the United States, the young generation comprises some of the brightest and most creative minds in the world. This next generation are the powerful catalysts for change. It is our mission to provide them with a platform in which to nurture trailblazing ideas and design a sustainable society for tomorrow.

The U.S. Young Leader
Summit 2022

We are delighted to announce the launch of The United States Young Leader Summit 2022 (YLS)! The YLS is beginning in the state of Colorado to bring together the sharpest young talent to tackle the most pressing challenges of our day and to set a new vision for the future. This year the YLS is a virtual experience, running for nine months from June to Winter 2022.


The summit is of the students and by the students, enabled by a powerful combination of leaders from Government, Business and Academia. The vision is to provide students (aged 17 to 25 years old) with a forum in which to collaborate with and be inspired by a diverse network of experts as well as each other, to play a part in shaping their future in a meaningful and tangible way.

The primary goal of the initiative this year will be to address six key themes of sustainability outlined by Colorado Governor Jared Polis's office, with the outcome being an actionable set of recommendations that will be submitted to the Governor's office at the end of the summit for review and potential implementation.

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Why Now?

America has never been more polarized. We live in a time when it is vitriolic attacks that makes headline news, wins elections, and determines policy (or the lack thereof). We believe it is critical to engage new voices and perspectives in the quest to put forward new and innovative solutions that puts humanity before politics.

In a world where key fundamentals - how we work, learn, socialize, interact with our environment - are profoundly shifting at an unprecedented pace, how do we equip our young generations and enable them to thrive? 

The cost of inaction is greater than the cost of action. Now is the time to empower our youth to BE THE CHANGE and to DRIVE THE CHANGE for the decades to come.

Scroll to see some of the challenges we face...

Climate Change

The world is racing towards a population of 9.7 billion by 2050, with ever increasing carbon emissions. States and municipalities across the country are building the groundwork for combating the climate crisis, transitioning to renewable energy, and protecting vulnerable communities for future generations.

The seismic shift in our future of work

Artificial intelligence, robotics and automation will have a substantial impact on every industry. The pivot to more pervasive use of technology in the 4th industrial revolution has raised a need to reskill and upskill America's workforce.

A Widening Gap in Global Inequality

As technology advances at the speed of thought, globally, the sad reality is that the gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening at an alarming rate, too. There is an incredible opportunity to use the intersection of technology and human ingenuity to promote equity and seek parity to arrest that gap and even bridge it.

Key benefits of the YLS

When you bring 60 students from diverse backgrounds, and provide them with the opportunity to appreciate challenges facing their world, magic happens. The collective brain power fueled by inspiration and dreams will transform them into agents of change. Real superheroes on a noble mission to be faithful stewards of the planet. 

Empower the next generation
Empower the next generation

Our young leaders will learn design thinking approaches to propel their ideas to new heights. They will grow their storytelling, teamwork skills & Gallup Strengths. They will be exposed to highly relevant themes (e.g. emerging technologies) and gain real-life entrepreneurial experience. The summit will provide them with the skill-set and mindset to truly make a difference.

Find breakthrough ideas
Find breakthrough ideas for seemingly impossible challenges

The key deliverable of the YLS is to have actionable, insight-based recommendations that will be submitted to the Colorado Governor's office. Students will partner with key influencers to address & collectively create solutions for specific sustainability areas.

Meaningful Exchange
Enable a profound & meaningful exchange

We believe it's hugely beneficial to create a forum where students, Academia, Business, and Government can convene to exchange ideas. The ecosystem of mentors that students will have access to will give them an incredible opportunity to look at the word ‘impossible’ with a whole new sense of determination and empowerment.

Virtual summit

Who is involved?

The Young Leaders
We aim to create a truly diverse group of students from different backgrounds. The young leaders will be recruited from Colorado education institutions and initiatives:

Colorado Education Initiative
Colorado Youth Congress
Youth in Government - via YMCA
Youth Roots
Denver School of Science and Technology

The Institutions/Organizations Participating
The YLS is partnering with Schools, Government, Businesses to support the young leaders during the summit.

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